Top 5 Free Android Apps that You Would Love to Have

Apps arena is not going to be over yet as millions of apps are supporting billions of users around the world performing their tasks smoothly and efficiently. Today apps are there to perform almost any tasks virtually on your mobile device. These apps are useful to a greater extent as they reduce the manual efforts and help users finish their tasks effortlessly. In this long list of useful apps, we can discuss top 5 free Android apps that you would love to have.


Best Cloud Storage App

Microsoft OneDrive:


This is undoubtedly one of the best Cloud backup apps which offers extensive cloud backup features for your important data. You can use this app to share documents, photos, music files, documents and lot more in a hassle free manner. You can use this app to share work with others to stay productive and efficient and it will send you the notification every time when the document is edited. You can store, retrieve, and access your data anywhere anytime using this useful app.

Best File Management App

File Manager (File Transfer):




You can use this effective tool offered by Cheetah Mobile to manage your files effortlessly. This fully featured file management tools can help you manage your files with a range of features. It allows you to edit your files, view files, transfer files using its multiple features. In its other features, it offers Cloud support, Wi-Fi file transfer, multiple protocols and lot more. You can use this tool to perform all file manager functions easily in multiple languages.

Best Map App

World Map Atlas:

If you love to know more about countries around the world than World Map Atlas should be the best opt for you. It offers extensive information about countries around the world. You can learn a lot about the countries like their demographics, transportation, economics, general information like a country flag, currency, location in the map, language etc. using this app. It is a great source of information to get the thorough detail about the locations around the world.

Best Security Suite

AVG AntiVirus:

AVG AntiVirus Free 2016 is a complete package which offers various services other than being an effective anti-malware program. You can use tool to protect your phones and tablets against viruses, spyware, adware, malicious apps and other infected programs. It helps you scan apps, games, files with its dual-engine antivirus program and remove malicious content. It also works as a task killer, phone locator, call blocker, app locker, and offers picture vault to secure your personal data. It helps you monitor phone’s battery consumption and enable power saving mode. It helps you secure your data privacy with its unique and advanced features. It is one of best antimalware programs available today.

Best Launcher App

Nova Launcher:

Launcher offers a range of customizing features to change the look and feel of your Android device. These Launchers generally combines new icons, new home screen, new app drawer layout, new wallpapers and lot more to fit a certain style or theme on your device. Following the league, Nova Launcher offers you full control over your device look and display. You can change icons, animations, layouts and more using this tool. It offers a range of features like thousands of icon themes, Subgrid positioning, color controls, customize app drawer, improved Widget drawer and lot more.

Other than these apps there are some other apps are also available in free like android cleaner app, weather app, password manager app, health oriented apps etc. These apps can help you perform specific tasks effortlessly. You can use these apps to save your time and efforts.